Full Mouth Rejuvenation and Reconstruction
Full mouth reconstruction is the systematic approach of restoring all your teeth (or nearly all) of your teeth at the same time. Your smile is rejuvenated to give you a healthy, strong and confident smile through a combination of cosmetic and restorative techniques which may include crowns, implants, veneers or bridges. Full mouth reconstruction may be necessary due to extreme wear of the teeth, multiple missing teeth, or severe decay on many teeth .  Breakdown of the bite, shifting or traumatic injury to the teeth may also necessitate this procedure.

This treatment is often complex and time consuming and it is one of the most advanced procedures available in dentistry. Each treatment starts with careful planning and consultations so that we may work jointly with you to tailor each plan to the your unique needs and desires. Measurements and records are then taken from which a diagnostic wax up (blueprint) is made to evaluate the esthetics and function of the teeth. All this is completed before any treatment is started on your teeth. Full mouth reconstruction requires attention to detail and special skills of a knowledgable and trained dentist, to achieve a highly esthetic, functional, long lasting result.