At the office of Dr. Claudia Minadeo-Fox, technology is an integral part of the delivery of your dental care. Utilizing the most advanced technology allows the doctor and her staff to ensure accuracy, speed and comfort while looking out for your general wellness as well. New materials and methods allow us to be more conservative with your dental care. All of our leading edge technology, products and techniques are chosen with extra thoughtful care as to which will provide the greatest benefits for our patients. An investment in technology is important and so is the education that Dr. Minadeo-Fox continually pursues to successfully implement it and keep her practice on the cutting edge.

Digital Radiography (x-rays): To improve your care we've invested in a new way of looking into your mouth—a procedure that's fast, and incredibly precise – digital x-rays. What's even more amazing is that we get an image immediately that is large, clear, and accurate, right next to your chair…ready for discussion. Digital x-ray technology speeds and simplifies the diagnostic part of your treatment, and most importantly allows us to provide a much higher level of care.

Digital x-rays use 50-90% less radiation than old-fashioned x-rays. Additional benefits include the elimination of old fashioned dark room chemicals. Which is better for the environment. The highly detailed image of your teeth on our computer screen, can be rotated, magnified, adjusted for contrast, and even color-coded for educational purposes. Further, we can store it on our computer files, thus saving paper. For insurance purposes, referrals or patient education, it can be accurately reproduced any number of times. In summary, digital x-rays are faster, cleaner, and allow us to provide better quality care.

Electronic Database: We have detailed records of every patient that are easily accessible and are updated during each visit. With speed we are able to view radiographs, notes and access medical histories to make your care seamless.

Chair-side computers and overhead TV’s: Chair-side computers allow us to view your x-rays without leaving the chair. The overhead T.V/Computers are also used in patient education and for viewing your favorite T.V. program while receiving dental services.

Intraoral Camera: If a picture speaks a thousand words, then our intraoral camera speaks volumes about your oral health! Our intraoral camera uses a tiny fiber optic wand to easily take vivid photographs of the inside of your mouth.

When indicated, we will take intraoral photos that will allow us to let you see what we see. This will show you what needs to be addressed in order to bring about optimal oral health. The detailed images from the intraoral camera are used to encourage you to take an active role in your dental treatment.