We value you as an individual and therefore we have a different approach to your dental care. Before sitting in our dental chair, our health and wellness dental practice enables us to get to know you as a whole person not just a dental case. We consider your needs and goals.

Each patient can expect to receive a complete thorough examination. With our findings we can develop a treatment plan that is uniquely individualized for your needs.  As partners in your dental and overall health, our commitment is to keep your teeth healthy and sustainable for years to come!

Your evaluation will include:

Oral cancer screening - Oral cancer can affect the tongue, lips, gums, cheeks and throat. When caught in an early stage, oral cancer can be treated. Each and every dental care check appointment includes a screening for oral cancer. Patient education is paramount , so along with examining the tissues we educate our patients on what early soft tissue changes to look for to prevent the progression of oral disease. If for any reason you have a lump, bump, ulceration or any area of concern in or around your mouth, please call us so we can schedule you an appointment for an oral cancer screening today.

Blood pressure check - A blood pressure check is very valuable information for us. It can reveal stress or anxiety so we can adjust dental care and treatment. It can also serve as an indication to identify patients who have an increased likelihood of disease and heart problems.

TMJ Exam - Muscles joints and ligaments of the jaw are evaluated for any dysfunction and any problematic symptoms evaluated. If any TMJ disorder exists and treatment is deemed necessary, Dr. Minadeo-Fox offers various methods to reduce the symptoms, relieve discomfort  and improve function.

Occlusal exam - Dr. Minadeo-Fox will give you a complete examination to determine the state of the occlusion - which is the bite and the way the teeth come together, preferably in harmony.

Peridontal (Gum Disease Exam) - As we now recognize, the systemic benefits of a healthy mouth begins with healthy gums.  Periodontal disease can be prevented if caught early and treated. That is why we take care and precision to thoroughly examine every patient for periodontal disease. We offer many non-surgical ways to treat and cure gum and periodontal disease, and the best cure is prevention.