Perio Protect
Dr. Minadeo-Fox is an advocate of whole body health and understands that good health starts with a healthy mouth. Unhealthy gums can place you at risk for developing various systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pre-term labor as well as auto-immune and inflammatory disease. By improving your gum or periodontal health we are able to reduce the negative impact of the illness on your body. Dr. Minadeo-Fox uses leading edge technology in her hygiene department that can help patients avoid painful scraping and gum surgery with a more conservative treatment such as perio protect.

Perio Protect is a prescription tray that is custom made to fit over your teeth. This tray is uniquely designed to deliver medication and oxygen into the diseased gum pockets around your teeth where harmful bacterial live causing a chronic infection in your mouth. The combination results in a beneficial therapeutic effect of destroying the bacteria which are causing an inflammatory response in your oral cavity and posing a risk to your whole system. With compliance, patient response to treatment occurs quickly, inflammation subsides and a healing environment is promoted allowing the body to heal itself.

The goal of the Perio Protect Method are to intervene at the earliest stage of disease and to reduce, whenever possible the need for invasive procedures and the risk of bacteremia associated with the mechanical intervention.