Massage Therapy
We can help manage the stress with massage that is available at Dr. Minadeo-Fox’s practice. Experience a calming and soothing massage which can combat stress and have other health advantages as well. Massage can strengthen the immune system, improve skin tone, help relieve sinus and migraine headaches, plus lower heart rate and blood pressure. Consider massage appointments as a necessary addition to your health and wellness plan.

Dr. Minadeo-Fox incorporates massage into her wellness focused dental practice by providing you with the direct benefits of massage for body and mind in our comfortable relaxed atmosphere. Now you can experience the benefits of massage treatments before, during and after your appointments to meet the need of your busy lifestyle. Complimentary services are available for your comfort or treat yourself and relieve the days tension or achy muscles by scheduling a relaxation or deep tissue massage.

We are dedicated to helping you relax, rejuvenate and be healthy!

Improve your health and vitality at any age with massage!

Service Fees
Relaxation Massage     $35/1/2 hour, $65/hour
Deep Tissue Massage   $45/1/2 hour, $85/hour
Reflexology   $45/1/2 hour
Chair Massage   $1 per minute
6 Month Package  

1 time per month
Relaxtion $60/1 hour massage
Deep Tissue $80/1 hour massage