Every dentist stands behind service and comfort. What makes Dr. Minadeo-Fox different? We go the extra mile to exceed your expectations and while doing so promote your health and general wellness. Oral sedation and nitrous are options for relaxation with our general dentistry practices to ensure your comfort. However, we incorporate holistic methods to help soothe your tensions prior, during and after your appointment. Services such as centering aromatherapy and relaxing massage can be a part of your appointment. While we attend to your dental needs, you will find ammenities such as television, soothing warm towels, lip balm, neck wraps, and blankets along with the silver tray service. We also welcome IPods with headphones, too. Combine it all together and we can assure you of a calming visit that will see to your needs along with promoting your general wellness.  

Below are ways that we can see to your comfort:

Conscious Sedation
Alternative ways to manage pain and anxiety during the dental appointment

Millions of Americans avoid the dentist. Some had past traumatic dental experiences as children or pain as adults. Far too many of these individuals simply stopped seeing the dentist for routine dental visits. Now their overall health may be at risk. If this sounds like you, we want to help. Whether you have been postponing a simple dental checkup, restorative care or in search of a brand new smile now it is time to take care of yourself and move forward into a healthier future! Modern dentistry offers many alternatives and options to make necessary dental treatment tolerable and even comfortable using sedation dentistry.


Inhalation sedation – Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”. This is the most frequently used sedation method used in dentistry.


Oral sedation – “Relaxation dentistry” where a sedative pill is administered before the dental appointment to help with relaxation. Unlike General Anesthesia where the patient is completely unconscious, asleep, and unable to respond, patients under Conscious Sedation, are able to respond to commands and breath on their own.


Patient Comfort Measures
TV’s, noise cancelling headphones, soothing warm towels, aromatherapy, lip balm, warm neck wraps, blankets, refreshing beverages and the silver tray!) We go to every length to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you visit with us.  If there is something you would like to try or to have available to help ease your tension while visiting us please let us know.


State-of-the-Art Sterilation Center
Our sterilization area is the most important area in our office.  It is our promise to you that this key component is just as described. We will gladly, at any time, show you our sterilization area if you would like to see it. Your wellbeing is important to me and my staff, which is why we follow stringent infection control protocols and comply with all the regulations for the protection of our patients.

It is understood the trust you have in us and we’re proud that you give it to us. We welcome all questions regarding our sterilization procedures.